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Russell McClay

Web Developer

Sushi Lover. Social Dancer and Gamer. Hardstuck Diamond Player.

Russell is a Sacramento local who enjoys long talks in the meeting room and watching projects get deployed. He graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara where the only weather that changed was whether it was time to wear a tank top or a t-shirt. After working on his tan and his diploma, in that order, he came back to his hometown to develop his skills as a developer for developing websites (and not well formatted sentences). While he is a newcomer to HCutt, he is, by no means, new to the world of hard work and dedication.

You’ll often find Russell working diligently on his computer during the day, and if not, then something is probably wrong, and you should check up on him. He’s recently accepted the PC master race as the leading platform for gaming which puts his decades of console play to shame. If he’s not making web pages or battling arch mages, he’s tearing up dance stages with moves like you wouldn’t believe (no really, you would not believe what he considers to be dance moves. It’s quite fascinating.) If Russell were a programming language, he’d be Java because he brings the team a burst of energy like a cup of coffee in the morning.

In the life of…

Enjoys all things League of Legends, except the lore

Self-taught piano player

Actually goes on walks in the park

Two truths and a lie…

Loves Taylor Swift music

Was featured in the opening ceremony of a world-renowned gaming tournament

Has never gone surfing

Favorite Song